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Founded in 2002, Utility Professional Services, Inc. (UtilityPros) is a utility engineering firm based in Colonial Beach, Virginia. UtilityPros is the vision of President Tanya Howe and Principal Frederic (Fred) N. Howe, III. Mrs. Howe's thirty years' experience in land development and Mr. Howe's thirty year career in regulated, electrical utility service identified the opportunity to offer a complementing blend of land development and utility solutions.

The company initially partnered with Cox Communications in Fairfax County to launch Cox's residential joint-trench initiative, then began providing residential and commercial utility engineering, design, and management services. During this growth and transition, the company assembled a team of experts in the various utility disciplines; a process that continues today.

UtilityPros has full-time CADD Department and Administrative staffs. UtilityPros can facilitate project bidding. The company has a Construction Services Manager for its developing construction-side compliance review services.

UtilityPros can perform advance, pre-purchase or budget-ready feasibility reporting for land acquisition, relocation, or service extension costs analysis. UtilityPros has a staff P.E. and can produce certified, permit submission-ready photometric and electrical design plans. UtilityPros has access to a third-party legal resource for telecommunications contract reviews and recommendations. UtilityPros is building a library of third-party vendors for alternate, competitive, and "Plan B" solutions.

UtilityPros has a history of challenging utility design and costing practices resulting in over $35 million in documented client savings. UtilityPros has established, SCC-approved escalation processes for the regulated utilities in its service areas. UtilityPros’ growing client list and expanding business footprint (from Berkley, West Virginia, through Virginia, Washington DC, and now into Maryland and Raleigh, North Carolina) are testaments to the value of the utility management experience UtilityPros offers.

Our customers and staff alike choose UtilityPros for a similar reason, to surround themselves with expertise and support from a team of exceptional people.

About UtilityPros

We are celebrating our 18th year in business thanks to our clients. Couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you!

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UtilityPros is very active in the local community supporting Parks and Rec leagues, teams and their members. We are also a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project, Semper Fi Fund and several others.

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