Switchroom Designs

UtilityPros provides a single point of contact to coordinate all dry utility service installations; so you don’t have to contact each utility separately. UtilityPros manages the various dry utility installations—allowing you to focus your time on your development / project. At UtilityPros we drive the dry utility installations with the service providers to ensure timely service delivery. Additionally, UtilityPros tracks milestone project dates and provides complete dry utility notifications while consolidating documentation tracking of all service correspondence to further ensure timely service deliveries are attained.

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Streetlight Designs

UtilityPros designs and produces P.E. certified lighting plan for contractor permit submission with all the electrical system components required from the meter to the light structures and produce a complete public lighting plan for contractor bid and installation. In West Virginia, we offer P.E. certified plans under sub-consultant services. The plans and streetlight locations are also prepared and submitted for review and approval by the appropriate municipality or department of transportation as required in the project’s city or county. Streetlight photometric plans are produced in city/county required AGI32 software.

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Structural Facility Ductbank Designs

UtilityPros supports the PEPCO electrical design and approval process by developing the PEPCO Structural Facility Design (SFD) plan and accommodating client permanent service requirements and proposed meter base/meter bank delivery points. “Final design approvals” are obtained from PEPCO as necessary with the design support of the MEP, architect, and structural engineers responsible for designing the various components of the electrical vault.

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About UtilityPros

We are celebrating our 18th year in business thanks to our clients. Couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you!

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UtilityPros is very active in the local community supporting Parks and Rec leagues, teams and their members. We are also a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project, Semper Fi Fund and several others.

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